Laparoscopic Forceps

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dissection, tissue

23 cm, 37 cm, 44 cm (9.1 in)

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The Voyant Maryland Fusion device effectively seals vessels up to and including 7mm in diameter and tissue bundles in laparoscopic procedures. It delivers radio-frequency energy to tissue captured between the jaws and divides sealed tissue with a user-actuated blade. The device is designed for use with 5mm or larger trocars.

Voyant Jaw
Single Action, Curved, Tapered Jaw
20mm Seal Length
18mm Cut Length

Allows for optimal control during dissection, greater visualization of the jaws and tracking of the curvature of anatomical structures
Provides enhanced tissue dissection

Voyant Device Key
Device Key with Embedded Intelligence

Stores activation data throughout the procedure to learn from live, human tissue

Optimizes energy delivery for procedural and patient needs. Enables efficient implementation of software enhancements by delivering the most advanced technology with each new handpiece

Company Name: Applied Medical

Model: EB215

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