Laparoscopic Needle Holder

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O Shape Needle Holder / Needle driver vs hemostat
• Made in high quality stainless steel
• Four types of handle are available
• Five types of jaws could be chosen
• With ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE approved

Needle Holder

Reusable Needle Holder normally can be classified into five types: O shape needle holder, V shape needle holder, Ethecon V shape needle holder, Pistol needle holder and A shape needle holder.

Each type apply to straight jaw, left curving jaw, right curving jaw , self-righting jaw.

This needle holder is a surgical instrument that is made of high quality steel and durable material. It is basically a ligature holding forceps used in surgical suturing procedures.

— ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE approved


Stainless Steel



Company Name: Hangzhou Kangji Medical Instruments

Model: 101.02 Series

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