Liposuction Cannula

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Medical procedure
stainless steel
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6 in, 8 in

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HK Monty Infiltrators are innovative tumescent infiltration cannulas that dramatically improve the technique and speed of the infiltration process. Using a Monty Infiltrator can not only decrease the infiltration time but can eliminate the discomfort the patient experiences with other techniques. Cannulas/Hubs produced from 303 stainless steel.

Monty Infiltrators are innovative tumescent infiltration cannulas that dramatically improved the technique for infiltration of tumescent local anesthesia. Using a Monty Infiltrator almost entirely eliminates the discomfort patients experienced with other infiltration techniques.The routine IM narcotic analgesia for tumescent infiltration is a thing of the past. Monty Infiltrators are 15cm or 20cm long, blunt-tipped cannulas, available in 18, 16 or 14 gauge diameters. (For tumescent liposuction entirely by local anesthesia, 16 gauge, 15 cm Monty Infiltrators are preferred). There are three types of Monty Infiltrators: – The Full Monty, which has holes along 90% of the cannula length, originating from the distal end – The Half Monty, which has holes along 50% of its distal end – The Tip Monty, which has holes that encompass 20% of the cannulas distal end The process is initiated by using a 20 gauge spinal needle to infiltrate a single path along a deep plane within subcutaneous fat deposits. Once an initial path is anesthetized, either a Half Monty or a Full Monty cannula can be painlessly inserted along the path. Tumescent infiltration spanning the entire length of the path is accomplished with the Monty Cannula remaining in a stationary position

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