Lithotripsy Laser

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lithotripsy, soft tissue surgery
Amplifying medium
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Endourologists will benefit from the Odyssey complete line of fiber-optic delivery systems. Laser system infrared output of 2100 nm is capable of destroying stones and ablate issue with minimum damage to tissue. The endourologist has the option of using a wide fiber sizes for operation through urinary tract. Larger core fibers can be used in rigid endoscopes so as to reach the bladder and urethra. For reach to the lower pole of the kidney smaller core fibers can be used with the flexible ureteroscopes. Benefits and features include compact design of the Odyssey and it offers unique features that are specific to the holmium laser market. Variable pulse width technology allows the surgeon to make adjustment to the laser switching from disintegration of stones to the coagulation and ablation of soft tissue by the single push of a button. With the easy touch screen interface and smart electronics aiming of the beam provides excellent color contrast on tissue.

Company Name: Convergent Laser Technologies

Model: Odyssey 30

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