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Specifications: Scalpel Handle No 4 is similar to the Scalpel Handle No 3, but Scalpel Handle No 4 is compatible with the larger size 20 series disposable blades. Scalpel Handle No 4 is used for sharp dissection. There are centimeter and millimeter markings on the Scalpel Handle No 4 for measuring tissue and a center groove for thumb and forefinger gripping.

SURGICAL SCALPEL HANDLES: Scalpel handle is used for cutting gingival tissue and making surgical incisions. Medicta Instruments is Providing Good Quality of Surgical Scalpel Handlessuch as Scalpel Handle No. 3, Scalpel Handle No. 4, Scalpel Handle No. 3R, Scalpel Handle No. 3RG, Scalpel Handle No. 7, Scalpel Handel No.7k

Medicta Instruments is A Surgical Instruments manufacturer company in Sialkot.

Medicta Instruments is Surgical manufacturer & Exporters company in Sialkot Pakistan.

Surgical Instruments manufacturer company in Sialkot Pakistan.

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