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Product:Micro Scissor
Handle Type:Flat Spring Handle
Specialty:General Surgery
Material:Stainless Steel
Surface Finish:Satin (Other finishes available upon request.)
Competitor Codes:11-712-15, 11-712-18, 11-712-21, 11-712-23

Surtex scissors are renovmed for their „Vcciei technology enabling users to experience a new dimension in cutting and dissecting performance. Surtex unique %me- leading cutting technology allows scissors to self sharpen as the design ensures the scissor hinge provides spring tension on the two blades so. as they cut material. one blade presses against the other. sharpening the surface as they elOse. Surtex Xredge- scissors permit minimum force but confer maximum cutting strength in all types of soft tissues even after pro-longed use. In addition to standard redge our scissors are available in the following finishes:

Company Name: Surtex Instruments Ltd

Model: SS-804-23

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