Microsurgery Scissors

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Medical procedure
Patient type
for humans
Other characteristics
autoclavable, straight
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The Centrel forceps with sharp tips has a movable element whose blade is held in pressure with the fixed blade, thus allowing an effective cut along the entire excursion.
This forceps is available in two versions, FG1 with semi-rigid structure and FG5 with semiflex structure. In FG5 one, the first ten centimeters of the stem are made with a flexible layout ensuring a greater degree of freedom of the same and preventing breakage in case of stress.
Compatible with all 5 Fr. channels of operative shirts, the FG1 shear has an operative length of 34 cm. and a total length of 41 cm. while the FG5 scissor has an operating length of 38 cm. and a total length of 46 cm..

Company Name: Centrel

Model: FG1-FG5

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