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Who is a Candidate for Heat-Resistance Decompression?
The best candidate for this procedure is one who suffers from a contained disc herniation that has not responded to conservative care. Typical signs of a contained disc herniation are primary pain radiating down the leg or arm accompanied by some back pain. Heat-Resistance Decompression is not useful for degenerative disc disease or spinal fractures
Treat resource – Thermal Effect
Source – DC
Device – Battery type
Principle – Generate heat by passing through electric current to Resistor
dentify – It is effective when the heat directly touch the tissues
Riskiness – There is a possibility of losing heat caused by surrounding environment such as body fluid
Benefits of Heat-Resistance Decompression

• Minimally invasive
• Outpatient procedure
• Rapid recovery time
• Quick symptom relief within two weeks for most patients

Company Name: Seawon Meditech

Model: HA DISC

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