Monopolar Coagulation Electrosurgical Unit

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monopolar coagulation, bipolar coagulation, bipolar cutting, monopolar cutting
argon plasma
Cutting power

Max.: 250 W

Min.: 120 W

Coagulating power

120 W


425 kHz, 525 kHz

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FORZA EK-250 electrosurgical device with 250 W maximum output power is the device that can be used in all type of surgeries, like general surgery, orthopedics, urology, cardiovascular surgery, and neurosurgery with high performance and micro operation technology.

Patient safety is prioritized in the device and the device tests all modes at power-on and detects that there is no problem, then allows use, and automatically cuts off the output in case of loss of contact with the patient plate.

Cutting and coagulation warning sounds on the device are different and can be distinguished during use. The device has two monopolar and one bipolar outputs and is suitable for the use of two different surgeons simultaneously in bipolar mode, alternately in monopolar mode.
Thanks to the vessel sealing feature integrated into the device, vessel sealing is possible up to 7 mm.

Thanks to its advanced memory features, 50 different modes that are frequently used in the device can be stored in memory and easily recalled with personalized names, and the device can also display the last 99 technical malfunctions in the malfunction menu.

EK-250 model electrocautery device has two different motherboards, monopolar and bipolar. In this way, it is possible to continue the operation with the other card in case one of the cards fails during the operation and the device does not output. The device connection ports are universal and can be used with accessories of international standards.

Device modes
Monopolar – Bipolar

Memory feature
50 different user settings can be added

Voice warning system

Device usage language
Selectable Turkish – English

Info/Menu screen
LCD screen

Company Name: Uezuemcue Medical Devices

Model: EK-250

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