Monopolar Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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monopolar cutting, bipolar cutting, bipolar coagulation, monopolar coagulation
Cutting power

300 W

Coagulating power

300 W


50 Hz

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ALAN’s Electrosurgical Unit (Diathermy) is designed with latest miniature electronic circuit design technology. The advanced microcontroller based helps in achieving the desired tissue effects. It is small in size but Surprises on Performance.

Patient Plate Contact Quality Monitoring System
HF leakage monitoring & Controlling system.
Multiple Microcontroller supervision for RF power accuracy.
Realtime tissue impedence monitor for power control
Power up Selftest to ensure, the unit healthiness.
Handswitch and footswitch short detection during Selftest.

No need Voltage Stabilizer, can work in lower voltage.
Convection Cooling system, offers better Reliability.
Built-in line filter protects from voltage surges and bad line Conditions. Hence no need to use of spike buster.
Works on Generator, Inverter, & UPS.
ALAN’s proven track record for more than 10 years.

Feather Touch Membrane keyboard for Power, Mode, and Foot switch selection etc. for easy operation of Machine.
Monopolar outputs can be activated via Hand switch and Foot switch.
Isolated monopolar & Biopolar outputs.
Individual Digital display for Bipolar, Monopolar, Cut and Monopolar Coag.
Using ALAN’s 3 pedal footswitch Monopolar and Biopolar can be operated without changing any setting in the machine.
Simultaneous coagulation for 2 surgeons by footswitch / handswitch combination.
The unit has 3pedal foot switch, explosion proof / water proof Foot Switch.
Multiple Microcontroller supervision Automatic Diagnosis enables Instant power responce against tissue density & impedance variation and adjust power.

Company Name: Alan Electronic Systems Private Limited

Model: Elsy – 360L+

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