Monopolar Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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monopolar cutting, bipolar cutting, bipolar coagulation, monopolar coagulation
Cutting power

Min.: 120 W

Max.: 300 W

Coagulating power

70 W, 80 W, 90 W

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1. Monopolar Cut & Coagulation

– Cut: Pure Cut, Blend I

– Coagulation: Contact, Spray

2. Bipolar Cut & Coagulation

– Cut: Maximum Power 100watt

– Coagulation: Maximum Power 80watt

3. Audible & Visual Alarm – Different audible signals for Cut & Coagulation

4. Simple & High Performance

5. Application

– Gynecology, General Surgery, Endoscopy, Vascular Surgery,

Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, ORL/ENT, Oral Surgery, Pediatric Surgery,

MIS(Minimally Invasive Surgery), Orthopedics

6. Quality Assurance & Certification – ISO13485, CE


1. Compact design & Easy to use

2. ANPM (Automatic Neutral Patient Monitoring)

– Safety function minimizing burning that may occur on the pad contact

area by monitoring pad contact status especially when using ‘Dual Pad’.

3. User Memory function up to 10

Company Name: Daiwha

Model: MEDITOM 300/200/150 Basic

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