Monopolar Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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monopolar cutting, bipolar cutting, bipolar coagulation, monopolar coagulation
Medical procedure
urological surgery, arthroscopic surgery
Cutting power

Max.: 400 W

Min.: 100 W

Coagulating power

Max.: 150 W

Min.: 120 W

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ECONT-0201.3 is the high-efficient expert class electrosurgical system.

Main unit ECONT-0201.3:

ESU Advanced model
two monopolar and one bipolar outputs
adaptive algorithm with output power maintaining for wide range of tissue resistances (100-1000 ohms)
neutral electrode continuity and LF/HF current leakage monitoring
self-test of the generator and accessories after switching the power on
monopolar modes activation: by footswitch or handle
fully automatic vessel sealing system
special mono- and bipolar modes for Arthroscopy, Urology and Gynecology
autostart / autostop for mono- and bipolar modes
up to 100 personal user presets (programs)
flat front panel, easy to clean, with pushbuttons for modes and power regulation
color TFT monitor displays effective output power levels in all operating modes
monopolar cutting, Monopolar coagulation, Bipolar cutting, Bipolar coagulation, spray coagulation and Vessel sealing modes

Company Name: Contact Co Llc

Model: ECONT-0201.3

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