Monopolar Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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monopolar cutting, bipolar cutting, bipolar coagulation
Cutting power

150 W, 200 W, 250 W, 300 W, 400 W

Coagulating power

100 W, 150 W, 200 W, 250 W

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PPQM System
Measuring Frequency : 85 kHz ± 10 kHz Measuring current: < 10 |iA Dual Area PREM Patient Return Electrode : 5-135 0 Single Area Patient Return Electrode : < 10 O Features PEQM : Patient Electrode Contact Quality Monitoring Safety against the Patient Return Electrode site bums. Programmable : User can Program as per Surgical Procedure requirements SPRAY Coag : Homogeneous, superficial, faster Coagulation over larger area. Bipolar Cut: Macro mode can be used for bipolar cutting with hooks and other cutting devices. Desiccate Coag: Faster coagulation for thicker tissues Foot Switches: Explosion Proof and Water Proof Foot Switch Time Out Error Automatically stops the HF output as Time Limit Exceeds Applications Fields Opthalmic, Laparo Surgery, Endo, Gl, Ortho, Open & General Surgery, Onco, Gynecology, Hernia, Gl Endocut, Papillotomy, Polypectomy, Under Water, Urology, Gynec TCRE, Hysteroscopy, Thoracotomy, Unit is suitable for all kind of Open, Endoscopic, Laparoscopic and Minimallylnvasive Surgery Plastic, Neuro, ENT, Spine,Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery. Safety Standards Classification according to the EC- Directive 93/ 42/ EEC: Class lib General Safety Standards: IEC 60601-1-1. IEC 60601-2-2 EMI/EMC Compatibility Standard: IEC 60601-1-2 IS Safety Standard: IS 7583 leakage Current HF Leakage: Monopolar <150 mA RMS- Bipolar <60 mA RMS Low frequency : Normal polarity, intact ground: < 10 pA Normal polarity, ground open : < 50 pA INPUT POWER Operating Voltage : 190-260 Volt SOHz AC, (Optional 90-l20Volts 60Hz AC) Company Name: Medi Waves Inc Model: GX 400

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