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Wei Nasal Jet®(WNJ)

As new device for Supraglottic Jet Oxygenation/Ventilation, Wei Nasal Jet Tube (Wei Nasal Jet®,WNJ®) can provide active and powerful pulsatile supraglotic jet oxygenation and/or ventilation during monitored anesthesia care or during the process of various complicated or difficult airway management with minimal chance of barotraumas due to its feature of supraglottic jet ventilation and maintenance of opening feature via mouth and nose.

Ideal way for augmented oxygen diffusion to maintain oxygenation while providing effective ventilation in apnea patients
Convenient and continuous monitoring of PetCO2
Minimize hypoxia during upper GI endoscopy or ERCP
Maintain oxygenation during direct laryngoscope and fiberoptic intubation in apnea patients
Non-invasive device for “cannot intubate and cannot ventilate“ emergent difficult airway

Company Name: Well Lead Medical

Model: WEI JET

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