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Surgical use
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Microneurosurgery is the operation centered on intracranial lesions, which is based on the diagnosis of modern imaging and guaranteed by a set of surgical equipment matched with microsurgery. Under the microscope, the field of vision is small, and the surgeon needs to go through strict and orderly training before entering the clinical operation.

BHKY Comknife® neurosurgery serie solves the difficulty of the operation and achieves the effect of fine dissection and separation of brain tissue. Applicable for the cutting and separation of fine soft tissues in neurosurgery, such as sharp separation of meningioma, blood vessels, nerves, and incision of meningeal tissues.

-Multiple models: a variety of knife types and handle designs, the operation is more accurate and safer;
-Ultra-sharp: ultra-small and 0.4n ultra-strong cutting force, making the cutting faster and more tidier.
-Clear visual field: easy to operate under the microscope, without obstructing the visual field; to achieve fine and sharp separation of fine tissues

Company Name: Beijing Bohaikangyuan Medical Devices

Model: BHKY® DT

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