Ophthalmic Surgery Cannula

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Medical procedure
ophthalmic surgery, insertion
Length (mm)

0.5 mm, 1 mm, 2.5 mm (0 in)

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Effectively visualize and assess the proximity of the retina with the “fluorescing” GreenTip cannula. Unlike transparent silicone-tipped needles, the GreenTip is designed to provide optimal contrast against the red-orange background of the retina.

Gain More Control with Better Visualization
Patented green tip design maximizes visualization against retina
Atraumatic silicone tip protects the retina during aspiration and subretinal fluid drainage
Standard tip design maximizes flow
Brush tip design protects the tissue by directing partial flow along the side of the tip
New 0.5 mm standard tip allows for easy insertion and improved fit in valved cannulas

Company Name: Iridex

Model: GreenTip™

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