Ophthalmic Surgery Cryosurgery Unit

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Cryomatic Console MKII ophthalmic cryo unit comes with the following accessories included: Footswitch, high-pressure hose, exhaust hose, and user manual. Probes are not included.

The Cryomatic console employs smart technology
Electronic communication between the console and any probe that is connected to it allows for optimum operating parameters for any given probe and self-adjustment. Put another way, the console auto-configures to probe characteristics. The main advantage of this is that there no longer is a need for manual setup at the start of or during any procedure. Every probe will always perform optimally. This also means that the gas pressure will always be set automatically – no manual adjustment needed.

Back-flush facility
During purging, and about 20 seconds after the footswitch is released, the gas in the system reverses its flow, but at a lower pressure. This changed direction of gas after a freeze moves any debris or moisture that may be accumulating, thereby virtually eliminating the risk of problems during surgery.

Perfection evolved
Building on the exceptional reliability of its predecessor, the Cryomatic MK II ophthalmic cryo machine delivers quality and versatility when using either disposable or reusable probes. The Cryomatic MK II’s new coupling system allows you to connect either a single use disposable or reusable probe without the need for an adaptor. The new integral software automatically detects the type of probe in use and adjusts the cryo unit accordingly, meaning the unit is ready for use in a matter of minutes.

Company Name: Keeler

Model: Cryomatic MK II

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