Oropharyngeal Cannula

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Medical procedure
oropharyngeal, suction
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The S3 is instrumental in aiding Paramedics, EMTs and First Responders in clearing and maintaining the airway of injured or unconscious persons. The ABC’s (Airway, Breathing, and Circulation) are the critical steps to save the life of a patient. A suction catheter is routinely used by first responders to clear the airway of fluids and chunks in order to intubate the patient so that they may gain control of the patients’ airway – the first step in patient care. The S3 Oropharyngeal Evacuation Tool performs the same functions as other suction catheters currently marketed, however, it is also capable of much more – it can be used to mechanically scoop larger obstructions from the airway and also it can be used like a “sump” pump to remove fluids that make intubating the patient difficult.

Company Name: Sscor

Model: S3™

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