Orthopedic Surgery Micromotor

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Application domain
orthopedic surgery, clinical
benchtop, foot-operated
stainless steel
Options and accessories
with oscillating saw, complete set
Other characteristics
reciprocating, autoclavable

Min.: 0 rpm (0 rad.min-1)

Max.: 80,000 rpm (502,654.8 rad.min-1)

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Product Name
For Large Bone surgery
Surgical Power Device——Large Bone


1 Specifications
(1)Overall dimensions of complete appliance: 315 mm (length) × 308 mm (width) × 171 mm (height).
(2) Overall weight:6 Kg

2 Clinical Application
For bone drilling, sawing and shaving

3 Intended Use
In the spinal surgery, traumas surgery, joint surgery, arthroscopic surgery, hand surgery, ankle surgery in orthopedics and other surgery, DK-O-MLS is intended for the incision and removal of soft and hard tissue or bone, such as drilling, sawing, burring and shaving.

4 Performance Descriptions
• Ergonomic design, User-friendly HMI, touch screen, true color LCD.
• Self-diagnosis and overload protection enables normal operation and ultra safety.
• Irrigation pump is available.
• Dual motor outlet, stepless speed, control by hand or foot.
• Auto identify for Micromotor/tools.
• Low noise/heat/vibration Handpieces& Blades with rust-proof and autoclavable.
• High-grade stainless steel blades with precision treatment, sharp and durable.
• BF standard interfaces to ensure exceptional electrical safety.
• Wide range of working power supply: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz.
• Micromotor’s cable Length is 3m, the maximum speed can be 40000 r/min and the peak output power can up to 100W.
• Power pistol’s cable Length is 3m, the maximum output speed can be 30000 r/min.
• Maximum Speed of K-Wire Chuck is 1500 r/min.
• Maximum Speed of Reaming Chuck is 350 r/min.
• Bur handpiece has two types: Φd 15mm, angle 0° and Φd 15mm, angle 21°. The maximum speed can be 80000 r/min.
• Shaving Handpiece Forward speed: 6000~12000 r/min, F/R speed: 2000~6000 c/min.

Company Name: Chongqing Xishan Science Technology

Model: DK-O-MCS

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