Orthopedic Surgery Micromotor

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Application domain
orthopedic surgery
electric, air-driven, pneumatic
Options and accessories
with sagittal saw

Max.: 14,000 rpm (87,964.6 rad.min-1)

Min.: 0 rpm (0 rad.min-1)

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MMS-100 is an air-driven power tool to use in cutting human body. This pneumatic power sagittal saw is operated by nitrogen and compressed air. MMS-100 pneumatic power sagittal saw can be used with saw blades of Imedicom.

Operating pressure
90~110 psi(7~8kgf/cm2)

Head feature
Easily open blade hub with a small wrench

– Rod Type
– Net weight 175g
-Operating pressure 90~110psi (7~8kgf/cm)

Company Name: Imedicom

Model: MMS-100

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