Orthopedic Surgical Electrode

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orthopedic surgical
ablation, coagulation, tissue, vaporization
RF, plasma
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Disposable Rf Plasma Electrodes

This product is compatible with the surgical system. The radiofrequency plasma surgical treatment system transfers radiofrequency energy to the lesion tissue for ablation, cutting, coagulation or hemostasis by using it.

1. Innovative RF Plasma technology.
2. Minimally-invasive and safe procedure.
3. Out-patient procedure.
4. Vaporization of nucleus tissues in a controlled low temperature.
5. Receive tactile feedback from patients.
6. Minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

Disposable Rf Plasma Electrodes consists of bipolar electrode blade with a guide wire, sleeve, double-cavity catheter, an insulating handle base, an insulating push & pull rod and an plug with wire. It is made of PA66, 304 stainless steel, ABS plastics. The inner packing of this product is TYVEK1073B paper plastic bag. Radiation Sterilization, outsourcing.

Specifications: RPE08-40R; RPE08-40S

Product features
Under the PTED, the ablation was performed in all directions to stop bleeding without injury to tissues and nerves
The power can be controlled to ensure the accuracy of the operation
It can precisely ablate the nucleus pulposus tissue in the intervertebral disc
The operation time is short and the patient suffered less
No sequelae, low recurrence rate

Company Name: Beijing Zksk Technology


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