Periodontal Curette

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1/2 Standard Gracey Curette DE

The 1/2 Gracey Curette is designed for use on all aspects of anterior teeth (including canines). This instrument has a small contra-angle and a return angle resulting in an instrument toe which is close to the mid-line of the instrument handle for better stability. The shank of 1/2 Gracey Curette permits access to lower anterior with the patient in a supine position.

Product Details:
1/2 Gracey Curette or Anterior Gracey Curette
Standard Gracey Curette with standard long blad
Useful for all aspects of anterior teeth
Double ended hand instrument
Hollow handle design, 10mm dia
Surgical stainless steel
Completely sterilizable

Company Name: Harfins Instruments

Model: SG1/2

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