Pigmented Lesion Treatment Laser

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pigmented lesion treatment, surgical, tattoo removal
Amplifying medium

35 W, 55 W, 100 W

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3-in-l CO2 laser, making it ideal choice for both aesthetic field, medical field and also surgical field. It combines 3 different kind handles in one single unit: fractional laser handle, normal cutting handle (50mm,100mm), vaginal care handle, making it ideal for the aesthetic field, the medical field, and also the surgical field.

Different Shapes for Treatment
Total 5 different shapes for selection with each array can be adjusted in both X and Y axes independently to produce a virtually infinite range of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Unique Random Operate Mode
Laser micro-beam in alternative direction, it allows the treated micro zone to cool and delivers multiple clinical advantages with less pain and downtime, this helps to avoid blistering, swelling and erythema. Most importantly, it will decrease risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation and other side effects that may occur after laser treatments.

Ultimate Flexibility With Hand Draw Function
A9 Android operate system, which allows you to hand draw any shape you wish and translate to the target, making precise and effective treatment.

Company Name: Sensus Healthcare


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