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Safety Protective Shield Scalpel with Disposal Lock


A safety-engineered surgical scalpel that will not compromise patient care. The Protective scalpel consists of a clear view shield that protects against injuries before use, between steps of a procedure and after disposal.

Requires a simple single-handed action – the activation of the Protective Shield manifests itself by an audible, tactile and visual sign to the user. Provides the assurance so that care-givers can maintain appropriate control.


The Protective Shield will lock into place at use and protect positions. After use, the Protective Shield can be steadfastly locked for safe disposal as per national and organisational guidelines.

Sharp, Durable and Strong Blade

Highly controlled sharpening and heat treatment processes ensure consistently sharp, durable and strong blades.
Clear Identification

The button located at the top of the handle is colour coded in relation to the blade size. The blade size is clearly marked on blade and handle. Each blade is hallmarked. Packaging is bar coded with information in 9 languages.
Quality materials

ISO 7153 specification stainless steel blade. Premium plastic and packaging materials.

Company Name: Jai Surgicals

Model: Safety Scalpel With Protective Shield

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