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Safety Scalpels
One case is one too much!
On annual average in Germany, stab wounds and cuts from contaminated instruments infect:
– 400 hospital staffs with Hepatitis B*
– 75 hospital staffs with Hepatitis C*
– 1 hospital staff with HIV*
The danger of needlestick and sharp instrument injuries is frequently underestimated. Many health professionals think that small cuts or needlestick injuries are harmless and of no consequence, but they constitute serious hidden health risks for doctors and nurses in hospitals.
Meet the requirements of TRBA 250 using the Aesculap Safety Scalpels.
– Constructed to the requirements of TRBA 250 4.2.4.
– Reducing the risk of infections caused by cuts and stab wounds suffered during handover, take-over and disposal of scalpels.
– Reliable locking for disposal.
In addition to our safety scalpels we offer a wide range of single use scalpels and scalpel blades. Please find further details in our online catalogue.

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