Radiofrequency Electrosurgical Unit

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Hard-to-heal chronic wounds require unique solutions specifically designed to support healing.
Sometimes, despite the best wound care efforts, some wounds are resistant to treatment and natural
healing processes stagnate.
WoundEL® electrical stimulation wound management system has been specially developed to kick-start and accelerate healing processes and reduce wound-related pain.

A new ergonomic design:

– 3 control buttons
– High-contrast colour display figuring digital menu
– Attachment of 2 dressing electrodes at the same time (+1 disperser one)

The system WoundEL® is designed to :

– Activate and maintain healing with a monophasic pulsed direct current and low frequency generated by an electrical console.
It must be used :
– By professional caregivers, patients or family members in hospitals, after-care or geriatric care centers but also at home for patients in their care (city care).

Specifications :

Classe : IIa : For the device / IIb : Dressing electrode/ I : Disperser electrode
Dimensions : 190 x 130 x 45 mm
Poids : 600 g
Utilisation : Work on battery

Company Name: La Diffusion Technique Francaise

Model: ESDWO1

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