Rectal Irrigation Cannula

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Medical procedure
rectal irrigation
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Instrument Presentation for a good exposure rectosigmoid is designed to facilitate the double test security integrity of the rectal wall. 1 – Test the air. 2 – Test with colored liquid.

The rectal tube VECTEC is for single use and features a cannula distal ovoid form to increase in the rectal cavity and sigmoid. Because of its shape rear deck, a deadlock on the sphincter to seal is necessary to carry out tests.

A stainless steel rod of small diameter deformable to fit the patient’s anatomy secures air adn liquid. Comes with an ergonomic handle.

On one side, a thin tube with check valve Luer valve and air injection or liquid, located in sterile area. In another, a large diameter tube fitted a red clamp for the removal of wast in a jar retention.

Company Name: Vectec

Model: RCC 320

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