Saline Cutting Electrosurgical Unit

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saline cutting, bipolar cutting, vessel-sealing, bipolar coagulation
Medical procedure
laparoscopic surgery, arthroscopic surgery
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Electrosurgical unit for monopolar and bipolar surgery

Suitable for Bipolar Saline Resection
BIMAX 350 is an electrosurgical unit complete, technologically extremely advanced and suitable for every kind of monopolar and bipolar use in all the surgical fields. It is even provided with a special current for the bipolar cut under liquid, and it is self controlled by a specific and innovative operative software, which makes it particularly indicated for all the new endoscopic procedures.


Simultaneous activation by two surgeons
Use in monopolar endoscopy under liquid
Use in operative flexible endoscopy
Bipolar coagulation and sealing of big vessels
Bipolar cut and bipolar endoscopic cut in saline solution

Company Name: Maxer Endoscopy

Model: BIMAX 350

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