Scar Removal Laser

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scar removal, gynecological surgery, acne treatment, vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation
Amplifying medium

Min.: 10,600 nm


Min.: 60 W


80 kg (176.37 lb)

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FDA CO2 fractional laser scan+surgery+vaginal for scar removal, skin tag cutting, vaginal tightening

Regarding CO2 fractional laser, it has 3 treatment system, with 6pcs handpieces for different using.

1. Scan mode, mainly used for skin resurfacing, scar removal, acne treatment, wrinkle removal, stretch mark treatment.

2. Surgical mode, mainly used for skin tag cutting, warts cutting.

3. Gynocology mode, mainly used for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation.


1. This machine with high-quality—-has America FDA certificated.

2. The functions are versatile—Including three treatment systems, scan + surgical + Gynocology, multifunction using.

3. The laser is RF mental tube—30 W high energy and stable pecise control, without adding water, easy maintanence.

4. The scanning size can adjust the shape and size—The treatment are more accurate and effective

5. Two operation modes SP and CW—The two models are used for different treatments and operate more professionally

6. The handle is imported from Korea with seven joints– operation flexible and convenient

Company Name: Beijing Sincoheren

Model: Matrix

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