Scar Removal Laser

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scar removal, gynecological surgery, ENT surgery, skin rejuvenation, veterinary surgery
Amplifying medium
Pulse duration

10,600 nm


30 W, 40 W

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ZenPro 40W is a glass tube Laser system with a power to tissue of 40W.

With its fine beam quality, ZenPro 40 allows you to effectively treat the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin with precision and control for the best aesthetic results and less side effects.

Effectively treating severe and deep skin conditions requires an optimal ablation and coagulation rate.
With an adjustable Energy / Duration ratio, ZenPro treats a variety of indications with maximum results and minimum side effects to improve patients’ quality of life.

Wavelength 10,600nm
Laser Category Ablative Surgical / Fractional CO2 Laser
Power to Tissue 100W / 60W / 40W / 30W(RF) (Optional)
Peak Power Up to 300W
Pulse Duration 0.1 ~ 3.3 ms

Company Name: Bluecore Company

Model: ZenPro

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