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Amplifying medium
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LASEmaR 1500™ is a unique laser system to perform fractional non-ablative rejuvenation, laser assisted lipolysis and vascular surgery.

LASEmaR 1500™ is the ideal laser for minimally invasive surgery thanks to the possibility to incorporate optical fiber of different core diameter (between 100 and 1000 microns) and for skin rejuvenation and acne thanks to LIGHTscan™, the fractional non ablative scanner.
Its wavelength (1470 nm) has a high absorption for water and fat.
This means a much faster fat emulsification using low power with a very limited thermal damage on peripheral tissues. Others wavelengths like 1064 or 1320 nm need instead higher power to amplify fat emulsification but the weak point is that this also amplifies the possibility for thermal side effects.

Company Name: Eufoton Medical Lasers

Model: LASEmaR® 1500

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