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soft tissue surgery
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OmniPulse MAX is one of the latest product of Trimedyne, the leader in cost-effective laser technology. Trimedyne develops devices that are procedure-specific and are using Holmium:Yag lasers. With the OmniPulse MAX, more laser energy is delivered to hard substances without affecting the soft tissues around the affected area. This feature is called the DoublePulse operating mode.

Trimedyne products can be used in a wide variety of specialization such as urology, gynecology, orthopedics, ENT and even general surgery. Aside from OmniPulse MAX, Trimedyne produces high quality laser fibers and surgical handpieces with Trimedyne connector and SMA 905 connectors.

The Dependable, Durable, and Feature-Rich Holmium Laser from Trimedyne

Company Name: Trimedyne

Model: OmniPulse™ MAX

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