Soft Tissue Surgery Laser

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soft tissue surgery, lithotripsy
Amplifying medium
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The new Litho EVO device represents the evolution of Quanta System low power Holmium line (Litho), improving the performances of its predecessors and adding some of the innovations recently introduced with our high power Holmium line.
Litho EVO is designed for enhanced versatility in lithotripsy and soft tissue surgery. The user has the possibility to be guided in the selection of emission parameters, to save his favorite settings and to switch immediately between different settings thanks to the double footswitch. The use of the MasterPULSE and Vapor TunnelTM technologies further empowers the surgeon with advanced treatment tools.

Reducing retropulsion and modifying tissue cutting gets easier: instead of trying multiple different settings, start with your preferred ones and then adjust the MasterPULSE to tune the effect of laser emission based on your visual feedback.

Experience a more intuitive and faster adjustment of laser settings thanks to the 7 pulse width levels (compared to the traditional 3 steps of the other holmium lasers).

Consisting in a Single Specific Long Pulse, this emission mode allows limited retropulsion and fine stone ablation.

The Vapor Tunnel® is designed in order to use the minimum peak power in accordance with selected output settings.

Litho EVO device is designed for high performances already with small standard fibers (allowing almost full power even with the smallest fiber diameters). Thanks to this feature, the user shall not refrain from having fiber flexibility and high emission power at the same time.

Company Name: Quanta System

Model: Litho EVO

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