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Surgical Suction Set with mouldable and exchangeable quick graft cannulas

This particular Suction Set has been designed for the interventions, where it is required, in addition to a linear and constant suction, the possibility of changing the caliber of the cannula and eventually modify the curve of it according to the needs of the surgeon.

It is particularly suitable in Neurosurgery, Cardiovacular, ENT and Orthopedic Surgery.

The surgical cannulas 8F and 12F, equipped with suction control hole, are rapidly exchangeable and easily mouldable in order to facilitate the aspiration even in the most delicate points.

The device can be supplied also without cannulas. The different diameters of the two cannulas are compatible with both the common suction sources connections and the grafts of reusable cannulas of metal or glass.

In the soft-tip version the cannulas are provided with atraumatic tip.

The total length of the device is 3,5 mt, this size can be customized upon customer request.

Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide (ETO) – Validity 5 years

Packaging: Individual Blister – Box of 15 pcs.

Company Name: Mediline

Model: Neovac®

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