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What is Neo-Respire ?

Neo-Respire is Forca Healthcare’s respiratory product line which includes an extensive variety of disposable circuits, consumables and accessories that adhere to international quality and standards, while offering innovative features and novel product designs. Each product is carefully designed to work either independently or as part of a complete solution. Rigorous product development and testing has been undertaken to ensure products are safe, reliable, convenient and cost-effective.

Neo-Respire products not only offer functionality but also support clinician efforts to enhance patient care. They are made using bio-compatible materials and are disposable recognizing the importance of infection prevention in accordance to international recommendations and guidelines.

The following products are currently included in the Neo-Respire product portfolio :

– Bacterial/Viral Ventilation Filters (without/with HME)
– Pressure Monitoring Line (PE/PVC)
– 3-Way Stockcock with Extension Line
– Yankauer Suction Set
– Breathing Circuits
– Mask and Mask Kits
– Anaesthesia Breathing Circuits
– Flexible Catheter Mount
– Bain Circuit

Company Name: Forca Healthcare

Model: Neo- Respire

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