Suction Cannula

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Medical procedure
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Strong construction suitable for bending to shape during procedure
Single-use avoids the need to re-straighten or risk breakage
Tip options include non-fenestrated, fenestrated with two holes and cross fenestrated with four holes
Expanded range with 150˚ degree bend
NEW Pre-bent handles
NEW 5mm (15Fg) variants now available
The Design Checklist
✔ Options of 6, 8, 9, 12 and 15Fg
✔ Instrument of choice when removing bodily fluids during
General Surgery, ENT, and Maxillofacial practice
✔ New 15Fg variant enables an effective suction and
removal of bodily fluid in Neurosurgical procedures
✔ Flexibility to bend Straight options to shape, our range
offers you a practical advantage
✔ Well-balanced & robust Instrument
✔ Pre-bent 42° Suction Handles without suction control to
give consistent suction throughout the procedure
✔ 150˚ pre-bent product ensures a precise angle and
eliminates the risk of causing damage when bending the
✔ Available in a range of Lumen sizes and tip options
including Non-fenestrated, Fenestrated with two holes
and Cross-fenestrated with four holes
✔ Fenestrated tip ensures a wider suction field is provided
as well as leading to an increased avoidance of blockage

Company Name: Dtr Medical

Model: FSH2006

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