Suction Cannula

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Medical procedure
suction, irrigation
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Soft Tube
• Adopting medical grade PVC as material to ensure safety and flexibility.
• Two spikes design to enable it connects to two bags of liquid at the same time.
• The clips enable to regulate the liquid flow.

Infusion Port
• It facilitates doctors to infuse drugs if necessary.
• It facilitates doctors to collect specimen if necessary.

• Ergonomic design to make hand more comfortable.

• Adopting different colors to distinguish suction / irrigation buttons.
• Dot design to make doctors to distinguish suction / irrigation buttons by touch easily.

• Adopting SUS304 as material for high intensity.
• Rough surface to avoid light reflection in operation.
• Holes in tip end to increase the irrigation area.
• Chamfered probe design to reduce damage.

Pistol / Standard Mode
• Two operation modes are optional to meet different doctors’ demands.

Three-tier of O ring, strengthens the seal function, airproof and waterproof.

Concave handle, suction and irrigation button, comfortable to hold and slide-proof.

Two operation modes are optional to meet different doctors’ demands, easy to operate for both right hand and left hand.

Company Name: Shenzhen Enmind Technology Co Ltd

Model: S105 series

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