Surgery Cannula

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Medical procedure
surgery, suction
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This model of Audio Technologies suction tube is unique and it’s made by:

Ergonomic reusable handpiece

Disposable tubes (extensible and replaceable)

Extensible/Shortable length during the surgery

Malleable inox steel tube
Audio Technologies patent
The tubes are available in 2 versions:

– Standard tubes
– “Ianus” tube with double tip (Joseph & Cottle)
Assembling the reusable handpiece with the sterile single-use cannula you get a malleable and extensible suction tube.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the handpiece can be held between the thumb and the middle finger, providing an exceptionally tight and comfortable grip.

Once the suction tube is set at the desired length, it can be blocked in the handpiece with the stainless steel screw.

The suction tubes are available in three diameters:
2.5 – 3.0 – 3.5 mm which can be assembled to the handpieces of the same diameter.

The single use suction tubes are made of malleable stainless steel and can be easily angulated with the hands during the surgery. The tubes are not reusable.

Each handpiece can be resterilized and is packaged individually.

Company Name: Audio Technologies

Model: Universal

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