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The good results of open abdominal surgery can hardly be improved upon using the conventional techniques. Through the application of modem video-endoscopie technology and appropriate instruments, however, the trauma of operative access can be substantially reduced. Small punctures replace abdominal sections. The advantages of minimal invasive surgery are the results.

With a number of new developed instruments Germed USA Inc. would like to make an up-to-date contribution to laparoscopic operating techniques.
For neat préparation of the opération situs during laparoscopic operations, GermedUSA Inc. now offers you the idéal balanced set of instruments de-veloped in accordance with hundreds of tried and tested examples from classic abdominal surgery.
The new Germed USA Inc. Endo Hook System The Endo Hook System newly developed by GermedUSA Inc. is a rod-shaped instrument having a diameter of 5mm and 10mm and on whose front end an Endo hook is fixed. At the top end of the instrument a handle with an operating mechanism is mounted, allowing for infinitely variable ad-justment of the respective hook, from 0 to 90 degrees. Thus, with the help of an appropriate Germed USA Inc. Endo hook, it is possible to achieve the same bénéficiai effects as with hooks used in classic abdominal surgery.

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