Surgery Forceps

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curved, straight

21 cm, 24 cm, 30 cm (8.3 in)

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Zeppelin Hysterectomy Clamps are offered in straight, curved and angled shapes for all your abdominal procedures. Handcrafted in Germany, these medical-grade stainless steel instruments are produced using rigorous quality standards to provide uncompromised balance and lasting durability. Zeppelin Hysterectomy Clamps offer strong holding power with minimal slippage or damage to surrounding tissue. Specialty clamps for the vaginal approach are also available.

Parts & Accessories
16070GYGold Plated, Straight, 21 cm (8.5″)
16075GYGold Plated, Straight, 24 cm (9.5″)
16375GYGold Plated, Straight, 30 cm (12″)
16071GYGold Plated, Slightly Curved, 21 cm (8.5″)
16076GYGold Plated, Slightly Curved, 24 cm (9.5″)
16376GYGold Plated, Slightly Curved, 30 cm (12″)
16072GYGold Plated, Strong Curve, 21 cm (8.5″)
16077GYGold Plated, Strong Curve, 24 cm (9.5″)
16377GYGold Plated, Strong Curve, 30 cm (12″)
16073GYGold Plated, Angled, 21 cm (8.5″)
16078GYGold Plated, Angled, 24 cm (9.5″)
16378GYGold Plated, Angled, 30 cm (12″)

Company Name: Coopersurgical

Model: 1607, 1637 series

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