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The Endo Stitch™ single use suturing device is designed for introduction and use through all appropriately sized trocar sleeves or larger sized trocar sleeves with the use of a converter. It has application in endoscopic surgery for the placement of interrupted or running stitches in soft tissues.

The Endo Close™ device has an application in laparoscopic procedures for approximation of tissue and percutaneous suturing for closing incision sites.

The device has a spring loaded blunt stylet mechanism that retracts as the needle is pushed through the abdominal wall and automatically advances once the peritoneum has been penetrated. The stylet has a notched end which is used to capture and hold suture. It is recommended that USP suture sizes 2-0 or 0 be used with this device.

Company Name: Covidien

Model: Endo Stitch™

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