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PANDOR™ is a new black&gold range of “surface engineered” surgical instruments combining
exclusive design and optimized function. The extremely hard (up to 4500HV) and low reflection
beluga black ceramic coating ensures outstanding wear resistance of the instruments and at the
same time provides high resistance against corrosion. Due to the inherent lubricity of this non-stick surface coating, friction between moving parts is reduced and galling is prevented. The black ceramic coating is firmly bonded onto the surface and therefore does not blister, flake or chip off. The instrument life is prolonged extensively which can provide for considerable cost savings in your hospital. The beluga black color provides a sharp contrast against blood and tissue, reduces reflections at the working site and also significantly enhances the depth perception during operation. The grip of needle holders is improved and the problem of needle rotation is thus largely eliminated under normal conditions, even if grabbed at the very distal tip.

Certain PANDOR™-style micro instruments additionally feature the unique Fairgrip™ultra handle design. This handle with a new dimple knurling similar to the design of golfballs is ergonomic, well-balanced, easy to clean and has excellent grip and superb tactile properties. These instruments offer a completely new experience of precision, sensitivity and control during microsurgical operations and help to reduce fatigue.

Company Name: Geister Medizintechnik

Model: PANDOR™

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