Surgery Scissors

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Medical procedure
surgery, dental, dressing
Patient type
for humans
Other characteristics
autoclavable, disposable, straight
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Medicta Instruments Providing all types of Operating scissors, Surgical Scissors, Plastic Surgery Dissecting Scissors such as: Mayo Dissecting Scissors , Mayo-Stille Dissecting Scissors, Mayo-Lexer Dissecting Scissors, Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissor, Iris Scissors, Iris Dissecting Scissors, Iris Surgical Scissors, Metzenbaum Fine Scissors, Metzenbaum Nelson Scissors, Baby Metzenbaum Scissors, Reynolds Dissecting Scissors, Joseph Dissecting Scissors, Peck-Jospeh dissecting Scissors, Kelly Dissecting Scissors, Stevens dissecting scissors, Brophy (Sullivan) delicate dissecting scissors, Strabisums Dissecting Scissors, Kahn Dissecting Scissors.

Medicta Instruments Online Plastic Surgery Store is providing Fine quality of Plastic surgery scissors, Rhinoplasty Scissors, Dissecting Scissors, Facelift Scissors, Plastic surgery scissors are made with high quality German stainless steel for perfect cutting and dissections. Medicta Instruments are providing 4 various types of Plastic Surgery scissors such as Standard Plastic Surgery scissors for regular cutting, TC Plastic Surgery Scissors for tough cutting, Supercut Plastic Surgery Scissors Are Serrated blades scissors for precision and sharp cutting and combination of Supercut Plus Tc Scissors which adds more quality and power to scissors.
What are Different Types of Plastic Surgery Scissors ?
What is Difference Between Standard, Supercut, TC and Supercut Plus Tc Scissors ?
You can recognize the construction style of scissors based on the following color code:

Silver handle Surgical Scissors Indicates Standard Surgical Scissors
Gold handles indicate that the scissors have Tungsten Carbide (TC) inserts. Tc Scissors

Company Name: Medicta Instruments

Model: M-644

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