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Beamer® Argon Probes

To help enhance patient outcomes, Beamer® Argon Probes were designed with a range of features that help physicians quickly, accurately and safely coagulate bleeding tissue.

Non-Contact Coagulation – Long, controlled argon beam can be initiated without contacting the mucosa.
Targeted Therapy – The ceramic tip effectively guides the argon beam for precise and controlled coagulation at a low argon flow rate.
Clear Visualization – The unique ceramic tip offers visual contrast of the probe against the mucosa in a bloody field.
Beamer® Argon Snare Probe

Snare, Resect, Ablate – When it comes to challenging lesions and mucosal resection, argon beam coagulation can now be achieved with the same instrument. The Beamer® Argon Snare Probe’s retractable snare and argon probe allow en bloc or piecemeal EMR followed immediately by argon beam coagulation and ablation of residual tissue. This advantage eliminates the need to exchange instruments for performing the coagulation in a second step.

Designed for grabbing flat lesions, the Beamer Argon Snare Probe is available with a spiral or stiff monofilament loop wire.

Company Name: Conmed

Model: Beamer®

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