Surgical Forceps

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surgical, ENT

145 mm (5.7 in)

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Surgical Instruments for EES
Revolutionary UDC Plating® non-slip technology
in forceps!
Very thin tissue can be easily
removed thanks to “non-slip
It feels like an smooth extension of
the surgeon’s hand with normal
hand gripping force
Easy to confirm whether the tissue
is being held
Total length: 145 mm
Effective length: 75 mm
Material: stainless steel
Tiny diamond pieces are firmly bonded to the tip of the forceps by a
unique patented galvanic plating technology called UDC Plating®
(Ultimate Diamond Coating).
This non-slip plating gives you revolutionary improvement in comfort
and control and realizes sure gripping of very thin tissue without
Conventional forceps with
serrated metal tip cannot hold
forceps with UDC Plating®
have tiny diamonds in the tip which
thin tissue and may hurt it grip firmly but gently

Company Name: Daiichi Medical

Model: 52-119 series

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