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surgical, electrosurgical
grasping, tissue, dissection, coagulation, suture
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Get two grips in one new grasper
Force Bipolar is the first da Vinci instrument with DualGrip technology.

Surgeon collaboration aimed at increasing efficiency in da Vinci cases led to a design that features two distinct grip modes.

With this instrument you can stay focused on the surgical field, instead of switching to a stronger grasper in the middle of a case.

You can use Force Bipolar throughout your case to assist with grasping, retraction, dissection, and bipolar coagulation of tissue.

Take grasping control to a new level.1
Simply change from “Default” to “Strong” mode using your foot pedal to get a stronger hold of the suture or tissue you need to handle. The bipolar energy function is available in both modes.

Potentially save time in the O.R.
Having a grasper that covers multiple needs means you can reduce instrument exchanges and minimize workflow disruptions. And by potentially saving time during cases, you can potentially save your hospital money. Potential cost savings are relative to instrument costs.

Company Name: Intuitive Surgical


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