Surgical Forceps

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grasping, dressing
inox, stainless steel, titanium

4.5 in, 5 in, 6 in, 10 in, 12 in

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There are 6 different alloys to choose from when selecting a micro tweezers. The information below is provided to help you compare the various alloys and their respective properties. The six different alloys are carbon steel, titanium, stainless steel, Inox, Dumoxel, and Dumostar.

Carbon Steel: At Rockwell 60, carbon steel is one of the hardest tweezers’ materials. Carbon steel tips are very durable but the hardness makes carbon steel tips more brittle than other steels. Carbon steel is also highly magnetic and stains easily. It will rust if exposed to water for any length of time.

Titanium: While not as hard as some of the other alloys (Rockwell 37 at the tips), titanium tips are very flexible. A unique property of titanium is that it is 33% lighter than other stainless alloys. Titanium is extremely corrosion and stain resistant, making it the preferred choice for salt water uses. Titanium also has a high heat resistance, in excess of 400 degrees Celsius, and is completely non-magnetic.

Stainless Steel: The common name for various alloys composed of carbon steel and chromium. There are many different types and grades of stainless steel. Alloys considered stainless exhibit good stain resistance and have varying degrees magnetism. Stainless steel is less likely to show damage but it can still rust, corrode, pit, and be affected by chemicals and environmental conditions.

Inox: Inox is a specific stainless alloy composed of carbon steel and chromium. Inox tips are more flexible than pure carbon steel but not as hard (Rockwell 55) . Inox has good stain resistance and is magnetic.

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