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SALSA 940 Diode Laser :

The medical laser with high power is manufactured by the Metrum Cryoflex which is built with the innovative technology. The product include the cooling plate, USA (QPC, AMS), the GERMAN (DILAS, LIMO) diode and POLISH (METRUM CRYOFLEX R&D GROUP) software and the power supply sources.
Biophysical characteristics
On the third peak of haemoglobin absorption, the wavelength ranges between 780 and 1100nm. Wavelength 940nm is located on the top of the peak. The curves (graphs) of light absorption for oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin shows that light of diode laser 940nm is absorbed better than the light of 1064nm lasers (ND:Yag) respectively.

For coagulation of larger and deeper blood vessels diode laser SALSA delivers 120 Watts of peak power in pulse mode. In comparison to other lasers which emit visible laser radiation, like green KTP (532 nm) or yellow (585-595 nm), SALSA laser coagulates deeper through the entire volume of the vessel.

Because of the higher absorption of the laser light in hemoglobin, trans-dermal therapy of vascular lesions accomplished by diode laser with 940nm wavelength requires lower density of energy than therapy with 1064 nm laser. That is why the procedure with SALSA laser is faster, less painful and more safe at the comparable efficacy as using lasers such as Nd:YAG, KTP, diode laser 810nm and 980nm.

Company Name: Metrum Cryoflex

Model: SALSA 940

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