Surgical Laser

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surgical, dental, veterinary surgery
Amplifying medium

650 nm, 810 nm, 915 nm, 980 nm


28 W, 30 W


5.6 lb (2.54 kg)

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The Complete Medical Laser System
The first of its kind complete laser system that allows you to easily & affordably
integrate laser therapy into your practice. We partner with you to provide
consistent, precise, reproducible results for your patients.

37,000+ Phased Protocols
Designed and tested by doctors for doctors. Plus, create and save your own custom protocols.

Optimal Power
The power range of our lasers provide a more effective & safe therapeutic treatment.

Best-In-Class Warranty
Lifetime diode warranty and 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Easy to Use + Visual Guidance
Intuitive touchscreen interface allows you to quickly set-up an expert treatment protocol.

4 Wavelengths + Independent Control
650nm Accelerates Surface Healing, 810nm Increases ATP Production, 915nm Enhances Oxygen Delivery,
980nm Improves Circulation.

4 Hand Piece Optics + Automatic Optic Identification
Treatment versatility with our 50 mm broad beam (open lens & curved contact lens), 25 mm zoom (open lens), 25 mm (curved contact lens).

Progressive Treatments
A patient can be set up for a treatment plan. The protocol will vary as the patient progresses through the plan.

Trigger Point Therapy
Users are guided to corresponding trigger points associated with multiple pain syndromes.

1 to 20,000 Hz & ISP

High powered solid-state diode module

Laser: 5.6 lbs.

Laser: 9.5”(L) X 9.5”(W) X 3.5”(H)
Cart: 21″(W) X 39″(H)

Up to 2 hours (in-use)
7 hours (stationary)
Interchangeable battery

Technology Platform
7 Inch HD touch screen (laser)
10 Inch HD touch screen (tablet)
Android platform
Wi-Fi enabled software updates

Company Name: Summus Medical Laser Llc

Model: Horizon

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