Surgical Laser

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surgical, aesthetic medicine
Amplifying medium
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The angle of radiation of CO2 laser is very small and its energy density is high. Output power density will reach several kilowatts per square cm when focused. So the boil off and cautery of focus tissue can be used in the therapy. Also if it is not focused, the laser radiating focus tissue can bring about concretion effect. CO2 laser surgical system outputs infrared rays which wavelength is 10600nm. Its penetrability is comparatively deep. CO2 laser surgical system is also considered as laser scalpel. If beam of laser is enlarged, it is good for the heating-up physical therapy of the deepest tissue.
Sealed-off CO2 laser technology
Continuous wave, Pulse and Super Pulse Operation Modes
Thin Film Key Switch, Microprocessor Controlled
LCD Message Display
7-joint spring balanced articulated arm
Pilot Beam Of Diode Laser
Safety Protection with automatic alarm

Company Name: V Care Medical Systems

Model: Ultra Pulse

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